How To Load Balancing Between Containers

Load balancing is the most common use cases of container. This guides shows how to load balancing between two containers.

How do I do it?

Simple enough; deploy two web containers, and a HAProxy container pointing to the two web containers with its port 80 exposed, attach a floating IP on the proxy container and done!

$ hyper run -d --name web-1 hyperhq/webapp:host python
$ hyper run -d --name web-2 hyperhq/webapp:host python
$ hyper run -d --name lb --link web-1 --link web-2 -P dockercloud/haproxy
$ FIP=$(hyper fip allocate 1)
$ hyper fip attach $FIP lb
$ curl $FIP:80
> Hello my host name is: de380811142a
$ curl $FIP:80
> Hello my host name is: 32d28908d30a

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