Automate your DevOps environment with and a Yubikey

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Note: this is a guest article from Hilton De Meillon. The original post can be found here. containers make a great devops workstation for a number of reasons:

  1. You can shut them down when not in use which saves money and also reduces the attack surface.
  2. containers have a private Layer 2 segment which can be fire-walled using security groups and which are not shared with other customers.
  3. Hyper containers have better isolation than Docker containers (hardware isolation, just like a VM)

However starting your devops workstation every time you start the day is painful, that is why I created a little python script that uses osquery to start up my workstation when I plug in my yubikey.


  1. Osquery (not sure if you just need the python module or the binary as I have both)
  2. Python (tested on 2.7)
  3. A Yubikey, however you can change the script to use any USB device

Getting started

Install dependencies (OSX)

sudo pip install osquery --ignore-installed six

Download hyper_saver from Github

git clone

hyper_saver takes two arguments :

> containerName fipName

Where containerName is the name you have given your container and the fipName is the name given to your floating IP!

As long as hyper_saver is running and your Yubikey is inserted to your computer’s USB port your container will run, and not run when you are not at your computer!

Container : running ||| Yubikey : inserted