Customer Stories

  • John Kelvie - CTO @

    In this user interview John Kelvie tells us how he is using to build highly-available development tools for Alexa Skills developers. John apparently already posited a service such as before finding us and so far finds it an excellent match for his needs, but would like to see another data center. We're working on it!

  • Gareth Rushgrove - PuppetLabs & DevopsWeekly

    In this user interview Gareth Rushgrove of PuppetLabs & Devops Weekly tells us how makes it simple for him to quickly develop and share Puppet configurations. We also touch on why is ideal for batch workloads and discuss a couple of ideas about how Hyper Cron could be extend to support batch work flows.

  • Tom Maiaroto -

    In this interview user Tom Maiaroto explains how is removing the ops overhead so he can concentrate on his clients. He talks about running ETL tasks with Hyper and how Hyper Cron has helped him to get further with this, and last we touch on how some sort of queue in Hyper would be useful.

  • Conor Nash -

    In this interview user Conor Nash explains how is helping him to scale his St.Louis based data science consultancy further than was previously possible. By not having to manage a VM cluster or container orchestration layer himself, he frees himself and his staff up to work on value adding activities for his clients.

  • Charlie Offenbacher - CTO @ The Book Rocket

    In the first of a new series of interviews with users we speak to Charlie Offenbacher, CTO @ The Book Rocket about why he chose and his adventures along the way.