Under the hood

  • hardware

    Amazing Hardware

    All our servers are built on powerful Octo-Core machines with dedicated ECC Ram and SSD storage.
  • an image symbolize 10-Gbps

    10 Gbps Network

    Our internal network utilizes blazing fast 10Gbps connectivity, ensuring extremely low latency for incredible application performance.
  • ssd

    Full SSD

    SSD hard drives come standard to deliver optimum performance for your container applications.
  • bandwidth

    Tier-1 Bandwidth

    Advanced networking combined with top tier 1 ISP connectivity, for utmost reliability and performance.
  • Los Angeles

    Hosted with from Los Angeles

Container Native

  • Say goodbye to VMs

    Say goodbye to VMs

    Unlike traditional IaaS where containers run in VMs, you will only work with containers in HYPER_. However, containers are protected by hardware-enforced isolation, meaning that they are as secure as a VM.
  • A single giant virtual host

    A single giant virtual host

    With secure containers, the need for clustering is gone. The entire HYPER_ cloud works like a single virtual host with infinite resources and always available, on which you can launch any number of containers at any time.

Incredible Developer Experience

  • CLI

    You know Docker, You know HYPER_!

    Our CLI is designed to be consistent with Docker’s. As long as you know how to use Docker on your laptop, you are ready to roll!
  • deploy

    5 seconds to deploy

    Enter hyper run on your laptop; wait 5 seconds; your container is up and running in HYPER_ cloud!

Feature Complete

  • volume

    EBS-like Persistent Storage

    Your containers are attached with EBS-like volumes. The data is automatically replicated, distributed and protected from failures. Moreover, you can create snapshots for backup/restore.
  • network

    L2 Private Network

    Your containers will run in your own Layer-2 network. Your traffic is completely isolated from other users and the rest of the world!

Cost Effective

  • an image has text '64MB' on it

    Start with 64MB instances

    Breakdown your monolithic application into micro-services with HYPER_'s nano containers (64MB mem). They are agile, efficient, and cost effective!
  • billing

    Per-second Billing

    Launch a new container in 5 seconds, run for 30, shutdown in 1. Pay only 5+30+1=36 seconds!
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Use Cases
HYPER_ is the optimal container hosting service to create your CI/CD pipeline. No more long running costly VMs sitting waiting for build jobs. With HYPER_ you only pay when you’re building.
Dev / Test
Dev / Test
HYPER_ allows you to focus on code. With our Docker native workflow, and no VM clusters to manage or upfront planning to perform, developing on HYPER_ is the same as on your laptop. You know Docker, you know HYPER_.
Build out your own serverless platform or app on HYPER_. The combination of incredibly fast boot times, coupled with strong isolation and ease of use, makes HYPER_ a perfect service to run your event-driven workloads.
Demo / Poc
Demo / Poc
Need to showcase your new project or app? Deploying to HYPER_ is incredible fast and with a few Docker commands, your app is up and running for the world to see.